We believe Pilates is for all ages and abilities.

Improve you physical and mental wellbeing. Age and ability are no barrier.

Pilates Factory

Here at the Pilates Factory the classes are designed with all bodies in mind and each session is designed to work the body as a whole with no area left untouched. The classes are all matwork based and if Emma has the pleasure of meeting you at one of her live classes all you need to bring is a towel. Everything else is sanitised and provided for you.

Whilst the classes are not suitable for pre, post-natal or those with complex bone health conditions, those with general lower back pain, injury related pain or age related joint pain will generally be able to take part. Please contact Emma for a chat.


Engaging classes

All classes are friendly with a warm and fun approach from Emma. Emma cares for all her clients whether they are on demand, on zoom or live in person classes. She is approachable and is always available to listen to any concerns.

About Emma

Emma has always adored graceful movement and was a dancer in her younger years.

She has always maintained a healthy lifestyle but hitting the gym for hours on end just wasn’t enjoyable. Fast forward a few years and two babies later Emma took up Pilates to help fix what felt like a very broken body after giving birth to Mia and Sebastian and has never looked back.

Pilates became embedded in her life and after extensive training with the world renowned Body Control Pilates, Emma qualified as a level 3 instructor and now teaches a whole host of individuals from beginner to advanced and those with more complex needs. She has continued her education and has the ability to teach pre and post natal, lower back pain and those with osteoporosis although her education is forever evolving.

She is passionate about women’s health issues and mental wellbeing as she approaches the next phase in her life and is keen to help others.

She lives with her husband Peter and two children, Mia and Seb and her adorable cat Buddy who is often seen strolling into the live streamed sessions!

Emma says “I look back at my own journey and can honestly say Pilates has changed my life”. I feel like my body is now heeled from my traumatic second delivery and would implore anyone who is feeling discontent with their bodies or their minds to get in touch. I fully understand it takes courage to sign up to something new. I have been there myself but I promise you simply won’t regret it”



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