Great for all levels of ability and fitness.

If you are new to Pilates or are a Pilates enthusiast, Emma will guide you through each class with her attention to detail and articulate approach.

An Introduction to the On Demand classes:

Reset & Restore Class:

A slower paced class suitable for all but great for beginners.

The Reset and Restore on Demand class is perfect for anyone who just wants to move but specifically designed for beginner level with plenty of explanations and a lovely steady pace so you can really grasp the fundamentals of Pilates under Emma’s guidance. Once you feel confident and stronger you can move onto the next level which you also have access to.

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Restore & Rebuild Class:

A flowing class of intermediate level with adaptations offered throughout.

The Restore and Rebuild class is targeted at those who are already solid in their knowledge and application of Pilates. This class will have you moving every inch of your body but adaptations are also offered for those who have problematic joints.  You may also enjoy some of the Reset and Restore or Dynamic classes which you also have access to.

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Dynamic Mechanics Class:

A dynamic flowing class with lots of challenges.

The Dynamic Mechanics Class is a beautifully flowing class with lots of challenges to build and maintain a strong and healthy body.  You have access to all class levels, so if one day you want to take it a little easier, you have the option to do so!

Please note classes at this time are not suitable for pre and post natal or those with specific complex medical conditions. If you are unsure, please drop Emma a message.

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Questions and answers for the live and live by Zoom classes.

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The membership is £20 per month, £40 per quarter or £110 per annum. You will have access to an ever growing library of pre-recorded Pilates videos. There are 3 levels of class suitable for beginners through to an advanced level which you have complete access to. In addition, there are breakdown videos of some of the basic Pilates principles to help you perfect the art.

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You will need a mat, some clear space around you, a towel to act as a head cushion and in some classes Emma uses hand weights and a stretchy band to work the body a little harder.


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Emma would welcome any questions you may have related to the classes or specific queries related to injuries and medical conditions.