New Pilates Factory On Demand Website

My First Blog!  Eeeekkkk! Well what an exciting month it has been since Pilates Factory On Demand has launched. We’ve been operational now for 4 weeks and so many lovely people have signed up to take advantage of the fast growing Pilates library for which I am super grateful.

I have become very disciplined of when I record and upload the classes which appears to have fallen on a Wednesday and Thursday and I’m loving putting together new challenging classes for the 3 levels with progressions each week to keep the classes ever interesting.

I’m on my Summer break now but the On Demand classes will continue to be added right the way through summer and beyond!

I’m constantly thinking of how to evolve and what else I can offer so have introduced some Cardio Pilates, Barre Fusion and Tabata style Pilates too!  Why not! It’s great to keep things fresh!

I am hoping to grow my Pilates Factory with Emma YouTube channel too in the near future so please keep your eyes peeled there too!

For now, I just hope when I click save that this Blog actually posts! Here goes!

Happy Summer and keep your bodies moving! xxxx