So here I am back (finally) for part 2 of the IS PILATES GOOD FOR BACK PAIN question?

Well I touched on this in my last blog post, so you already have an inkling but yes, the answer is to keep on moving.  No matter how much it hurts!  By staying still and waiting to ride out the pain you are really not doing yourself any favours.  Keep the body moving, adding in all movements of the spine that is it capable of, even if all you can manage is a tiny little movement, it will all help to stop the area of concern freezing up completely.  Imagine your body like a car engine.  It needs oil to keep it moving well.  Our bodies are exactly the same.  All our joints produce their own version of oil by way of Synovial fluid and it’s this fluid that enables freedom and ease of movement. Final piece in my next blog!